European Journal of Oral Implantology



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Issue 3/2016     7. Oct. 2016
7. Oct. 2016
Pages: 211 - 310

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Page 219-230, PubMed:27722221
A 10-year report from a multicentre randomised controlled trial: Immediate non-occlusal versus early loading of dental implants in partially edentulous patients
Zuffetti, Francesco / Esposito, Marco / Galli, Fabio / Capelli, Matteo / Grandi, Giovanni / Testori, Tiziano
Page 233-247, PubMed:27722222
Immediate, immediate-delayed (6 weeks) and delayed (4 months) post-extractive single implants: 4-month post-loading data from a randomised controlled trial
Felice, Pietro / Zucchelli, Giovanni / Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Barausse, Carlo / Diazzi, Michele / Trullenque-Eriksson, Anna / Esposito, Marco
Page 249-260, PubMed:27722223
Immediate, early (6 weeks) and delayed loading (3 months) of single implants: 4-month post-loading from a multicenter pragmatic randomised controlled trial
Esposito, Marco / Siormpas, Konstantinos / Mitsias, Miltiadis / Bechara, Soheil / Trullenque-Eriksson, Anna / Pistilli, Roberto
Page 277-289, PubMed:27722225
Implants inserted with graftless osteotome sinus floor elevation - A 5-year post-loading retrospective study
Zill, Alexander / Precht, Clarissa / Beck-Broichsitter, Benedicta / Sehner, Susanne / Smeets, Ralf / Heiland, Max / Rendenbach, Carsten / Henningsen, Anders
Page 291-297, PubMed:27722226
Effectiveness of subperiosteal bone anchor (Onplant) placement in the anterior highly atrophic maxilla for cross-arch prosthetic rehabilitation: Results from a pilot study
Heuberer, Simone / Ulm, Christian / Zauza, Konstantin / Zechner, Werner / Watzek, Georg / Dvorak, Gabriella
Page 301-308, PubMed:27722227
Artefacts of implant-supported single crowns - Impact of material composition on artefact volume on dental MRI
Hilgenfeld, Tim / Prager, Marcel / Schwindling, Franz Sebastian / Heil, Alexander / Kuchenbecker, Stefan / Rammelsberg, Peter / Bendszus, Martin / Heiland, Sabine
Page 309-310, PubMed:27722228
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