European Journal of Oral Implantology



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Issue 1/2016     23. Mar. 2016
23. Mar. 2016
Pages: 3 - 98

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Page 11-32, PubMed:27022634
Bone augmentation at implant dehiscences and fenestrations. A systematic review of randomised controlled trials
Merli, Mauro / Merli, Ilaria / Raffaelli, Eugenia / Pagliaro, Umberto / Nastri, Livia / Nieri, Michele
Page 35-45, PubMed:27022635
Posterior jaws rehabilitated with partial prostheses supported by 4.0 x 4.0 mm or by longer implants: One-year post-loading results from a multicenter randomised controlled trial
Felice, Pietro / Checchi, Luigi / Barausse, Carlo / Pistilli, Roberto / Sammartino, Gilberto / Masi, Irene / Ippolito, Daniela Rita / Esposito, Marco
Page 47-56, PubMed:27022636
Immediate occluding definitive partial fixed prosthesis versus non-occluding provisional restorations - 4-month post-loading results from a pragmatic multicenter randomised controlled trial
Heinemann, Friedhelm / Grufferty, Brendan / Papavasiliou, George / Dominiak, Marzena / García, Jaime Jiménez / Trullenque-Eriksson, Anna / Esposito, Marco
Page 59-66, PubMed:27022637
A low dose of subperiosteal anaesthesia injection versus a high dose of infiltration anaesthesia to minimise the risk of nerve damage at implant placement: A randomised controlled trial
Sánchez-Siles, Mariano / Camacho-Alonso, Fabio / Salazar-Sánchez, Noemi / Aguinaga-Ontoso, Enrique / Muñoz, Javier Guardia / Calvo-Guirado, Jose Luis
Page 67-74, PubMed:27022638
Immediate loading of bimaxillary total fixed prostheses supported by five flapless-placed implants with machined surfaces: A 6-month follow-up prospective single cohort study
Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Felice, Pietro / Loi, Ignazio / Viola, Paolo / Ferri, Vittorio / Leone, Michele / Collivasone, Dario / Esposito, Marco
Page 77-84, PubMed:27022639
Is a high level of total cholesterol a risk factor for dental implants or bone grafting failure? A retrospective cohort study on 227 patients
Tirone, Federico / Salzano, Stefano / D'orsi, Lodovico / Paola, Panuello / Rodi, Donata
Page 87-95, PubMed:27022640
Outcome of dental implants in diabetic patients with and without cardiovascular disease: A 5-year post-loading retrospective study
Nobre, Miguel de Araújo / Maló, Paulo / Gonçalves, Yolande / Sabas, Ana / Salvado, Francisco
Page 97-98, PubMed:27022641
Research in focus
Nieri, Michele