European Journal of Oral Implantology



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Issue Supplement 2/2014     24. June 2014
24. June 2014

Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation (FOR)

Supplement, Page 86, PubMed:24977242
Esposito, Marco / Nieri, Michele
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Supplement, Page 87-88, PubMed:24977243
Guest editorial
Wagner, Wilfried / van Steenberghe, Daniel
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Supplement, Page 91-109, PubMed:24977244
Patients' preferences towards minimally invasive treatment alternatives for implant rehabilitation of edentulous jaws
Pommer, Bernhard / Mailath-Pokorny, Georg / Haas, Robert / Busenlechner, Dieter / Fürhauser, Rudolf / Watzek, Georg
Supplement, Page 133-153, PubMed:24977248
Optimal number of oral implants for fixed reconstructions: A review of the literature
Mericske-Stern, Regina / Worni, Andreas
Supplement, Page 155-169, PubMed:24977251
Functional jaw muscle assessment in patients with a full fixed prosthesis on a limited number of implants: A review of the literature
Dellavia, Claudia / Rosati, Riccardo / Del Fabbro, Massimo / Pellegrini, Gaia
Supplement, Page 171-189, PubMed:24977252
The fate of marginal bone around axial vs. tilted implants: A systematic review
Del Fabbro, Massimo / Ceresoli, Valentina
Supplement, Page 191-201, PubMed:24977255
A systematic review of implant-supported overdentures in the edentulous maxilla, compared to the mandible: How many implants?
Raghoebar, Gerry M. / Meijer, Henny J.A. / Slot, Wim / Slater, James J.R. Huddleston / Vissink, Arjan
Supplement, Page 235-238, PubMed:24977258
Patient-centred rehabilitation of edentulism with an optimal number of implants
A Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (F O R) consensus conference
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