European Journal of Oral Implantology



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Issue 1/2012     15. Mar. 2012
15. Mar. 2012
including Supplement
Pages: 3 - 82

Page 3
Editorial: Do we know enough?
Esposito, Marco
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Page 19-33, PubMed:22518377
Posterior atrophic jaws rehabilitated with prostheses supported by 6 mm-long, 4 mm-wide implants or by longer implants in augmented bone. Preliminary results from a pilot randomised controlled trial
Esposito, Marco / Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Soardi, Elisa / Pistilli, Roberto / Piattelli, Maurizio / Corvino, Valeria / Felice, Pietro
Page 37-46, PubMed:22518378
Three-year outcome of a retrospective cohort study on the rehabilitation of completely edentulous atrophic maxillae with immediately loaded extra-maxillary zygomatic implants
Maló, Paulo / Nobre, Miguel de Araújo / Lopes, Armando / Francischone, Carlos / Rigolizzo, Maurício
Page 49-58, PubMed:22518379
Immediate loading of 2 (all-on-2) flapless-placed mandibular implants supporting cross-arch fixed prostheses: interim data from a 1-year follow-up prospective single cohort study
Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Felice, Pietro / Giorgi, Angelo / Lazzarini, Matteo / Ferri, Vittorio / Leone, Michele / Esposito, Marco
Page 81-82
Research in focus
Nieri, Michele
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Pages: 3 - 106
Supplement, Page 3
Editorial: Marginal bone maintenance around oral implants
Esposito, Marco / Nieri, Michele / Lindeboom, Jerome A. / Schou, Søren
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Supplement, Page 7-8, PubMed:22834389
Guest Editorial: Guest editors' introductory remarks
Klinge, Björn / van Steenberghe, Daniel
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Supplement, Page 21-41, PubMed:22834392
Treatment of peri-implantitis: what interventions are effective? A Cochrane systematic review
Esposito, Marco / Grusovin, Maria Gabriella / Worthington, Helen V.
Supplement, Page 43-50, PubMed:22834393
Antibiotics in the treatment of peri-implantitis
van Winkelhoff, Arie Jan
Supplement, Page 61-70, PubMed:22834395
Surgical treatments of peri-implantitis
Mombelli, Andrea / Moëne, Raphaël / Décaillet, Fabien
Supplement, Page 91-103, PubMed:22834398
Identifying occlusal overload and how to deal with it to avoid marginal bone loss around implants
Fu, Jia-Hui / Hsu, Yung-Ting / Wang, Hom-Lay
Supplement, Page 105-106, PubMed:22834399
Working Group on the Treatment Options for the Maintenance of Marginal Bone Around Endosseous Oral Implants, Stockholm, Sweden, 8 and 9 September 2011: Consensus Statements
Esposito, Marco / Klinge, Björn / Meyle, Joerg / Mombelli, Andrea / Rompen, Eric / van Steenberghe, Daniel / Dyke, Tom Van / Wang, Hom-Lay / van Winkelhoff, Arie Jan
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