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International Journal of Oral Implantology



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Int J Oral Implantol (Berl) 9 (2016), Nr. 2     16. Juni 2016
Int J Oral Implantol (Berl) 9 (2016), Nr. 2  (16.06.2016)

Seite 155-163, PubMed:27314121, Sprache: Englisch

Machined versus roughened immediately loaded and finally restored single implants inserted flapless: Preliminary 6-month data from a split- mouth randomised controlled trial
Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Felice, Pietro / Loi, Ignazio / Viola, Paolo / Ferri, Vittorio / Leone, Michele / Lazzarini, Matteo / Trullenque-Eriksson, Anna / Esposito, Marco
Purpose: To compare the outcome of immediately loaded single implants with a machined or a roughened surface.
Materials and methods: Fifty patients had two implant sites randomly allocated to receive flaplessplaced single Syra implants (Sweden & Martina), one with a machined and one with a roughened surface (sand-blasted with zirconia powder and acid etched), according to a split-mouth design. To be loaded immediately, implants had to be inserted with a torque superior to 50 Ncm. Implants were restored with definitive crowns in direct occlusal contact within 48 h. Patients were followed for 6 months after loading. Outcome measures were prosthetic and implant failures and complications.
Results: Two machined implants and four roughened implants were not loaded immediately. Six months after loading no dropout occurred. One implant loaded late, which had a rough implant surface, failed 20 days after loading (P (McNemar test) = 0.625; difference in proportions = -0.04; 95% CI: -0.15 to 0.07). Three crowns had to be remade on machined implants and four on roughened implants (P (McNemar test) = 1.000; difference in proportions = -0.02; 95% CI: -0.12 to 0.08). Three machined and five roughened implants experienced complications (P (McNemar test) = 0.625; difference in proportions = -0.04; 95% CI: -0.15 to 0.07). There were no statistically significant differences between groups for crown and implant losses as well as complications.
Conclusions: Up to 6 months after loading both machined and roughened flapless-placed and immediately loaded single implants provided good and similar results, however, longer follow-ups are needed to evaluate the long-term prognosis of implants with different surfaces.

Schlagwörter: dental implants, flapless, immediate loading, implant surface, machined, randomised controlled trial
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