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Issue 4/2017     12. Dec. 2017
12. Dec. 2017
Pages: 367 - 466

Page 367, PubMed:29234744
Editorial: Congratulations and thank you
Wolters, Johannes
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Page 373-390, PubMed:29234745
The influence of repeated abutment changes on peri-implant tissue stability: 3-year post-loading results from a multicentre randomised controlled trial
Bressan, Eriberto / Grusovin, Maria Gabriella / D'Avenia, Ferdinando / Neumann, Konrad / Sbricoli, Luca / Luongo, Giuseppe / Esposito, Marco
Page 391-400, PubMed:29234746
Short implants as an alternative to crestal sinus lift: a 3-year multicentre randomised controlled trial
Gastaldi, Giorgio / Felice, Pietro / Pistilli, Roberto / Barausse, Carlo / Trullenque-Eriksson, Anna / Esposito, Marco
Page 415-424, PubMed:29234748
Early loading of maxillary titanium implants with a nanostructured calcium-incorporated surface (Xpeed): 5-year results from a multicentre randomised controlled trial
Gastaldi, Giorgio / Grusovin, Maria Gabriella / Felice, Pietro / Barausse, Carlo / Ippolito, Daniela Rita / Esposito, Marco
Page 425-432, PubMed:29234749
Sinus lift grafting with anorganic bovine bone vs 50% autologous bone mixed with 50% anorganic bovine bone: 2 years after loading results from a randomised controlled trial
Meloni, Silvio Mario / Jovanovic, Sascha Alekshander / Pisano, Milena / Xhanari, Erta / De Riu, Giacomo / Tullio, Antonio / Tallarico, Marco
Page 435-441, PubMed:29234750
Intraoral radiography lacks accuracy for the assessment of peri-implant bone level - a controlled clinical study
Christiaens, Véronique / Jacobs, Reinhilde / Dierens, Melissa / Vervaeke, Stijn / De Bruyn, Hugo / Koole, Sebastiaan / Cosyn, Jan
Page 443-451, PubMed:29234751
Influence of horizontal dimensions around single gap and adjacent zirconia implants on the papilla - a cross-sectional survey
Kniha, Kristian / Möhlhenrich, Stephan Christian / Lautner, Nora / Kniha, Heinz / Foldenauer, Ann Christina / Hölzle, Frank / Modabber, Ali
Page 453-463, PubMed:29234752
Morphological and immunophenotypical differences between chronic periodontitis and peri-implantitis - a cross-sectional study
Galindo-Moreno, Pablo / López-Martínez, Jesús / Caba-Molina, Mercedes / Ríos-Pelegrina, Rosa / Torrecillas-Martínez, Laura / Monje, Alberto / Mesa, Francisco / Chueca, Natalia / García-García, Federico / O'Valle, Francisco
Page 465-466, PubMed:29234753
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