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Ausgabe 2/2014     24. Juni 2014
24. Juni 2014
Seiten: 123 - 199

Seite 123, PubMed:24977246, Sprache: Englisch
Editorial: In which direction will future clinical research go?
Esposito, Marco
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Seite 129-137, PubMed:24977247, Sprache: Englisch
Cosci versus Summers technique for crestal sinus lift: 3-year results from a randomised controlled trial
Esposito, Marco / Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Barausse, Carlo / Cosci, Ferdinando / Soardi, Elisa / Felice, Pietro
Seite 141-149, PubMed:24977249, Sprache: Englisch
One abutment-one time versus a provisional abutment in immediately loaded post-extractive single implants: A 1-year follow-up of a multicentre randomised controlled trial
Grandi, Tommaso / Guazzi, Paolo / Samarani, Rawad / Maghaireh, Hassan / Grandi, Giovanni
Seite 153-171, PubMed:24977250, Sprache: Englisch
Blocks of autogenous bone versus xenografts for the rehabilitation of atrophic jaws with dental implants: Preliminary data from a pilot randomised controlled trial
Pistilli, Roberto / Felice, Pietro / Piattelli, Maurizio / Nisii, Alessandro / Barausse, Carlo / Esposito, Marco
Seite 173-184, PubMed:24977253, Sprache: Englisch
Immediately loaded distally cantilevered fixed mandibular prostheses supported by four implants placed in both in fresh extraction and healed sites: 2-year results from a prospective study
Krennmair, Stefan / Seemann, Rudolf / Weinländer, Michael / Krennmair, Gerald / Piehslinger, Eva
Seite 187-199, PubMed:24977254, Sprache: Englisch
Immediate functional loading of single implants: A 1-year interim report of a 5-year prospective multicentre study
Luongo, Giuseppe / Lenzi, Carolina / Raes, Filiep / Eccellente, Tammaro / Ortolani, Michele / Mangano, Carlo