European Journal of Oral Implantology



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Ausgabe 3/2012     19. Sep. 2012
19. Sep. 2012
Seiten: 215 - 291

Seite 215, PubMed:23000706, Sprache: Englisch
Editorial: A new study design?
Esposito, Marco
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Seite 221-238, PubMed:23000707, Sprache: Englisch
Soft tissue management for dental implants: what are the most effective techniques? A Cochrane systematic review
Esposito, Marco / Maghaireh, Hassan / Grusovin, Maria Gabriella / Ziounas, Ioannis / Worthington, Helen V.
Seite 241-249, PubMed:23000708, Sprache: Englisch
Safety and effectiveness of maxillary early loaded titanium implants with a novel nanostructured calcium-incorporated surface (Xpeed): 1-year results from a pilot multicenter randomised controlled trial
Esposito, Marco / Grusovin, Maria Gabriella / Pellegrino, Gerardo / Soardi, Elisa / Felice, Pietro
Seite 253-262, PubMed:23000709, Sprache: Englisch
A within-implant comparison to evaluate the concept of platform switching. A randomised controlled trial
Vandeweghe, Stefan / De Bruyn, Hugo
Seite 265-272, PubMed:23000710, Sprache: Englisch
Short (5 and 7mm long) porous implants in the posterior atrophic maxilla: a 5-year report of a prospective single-cohort study
Perelli, Michele / Abundo, Roberto / Corrente, Giuseppe / Saccone, Carlo
Seite 287-291, PubMed:23000712, Sprache: Englisch
Severe bleeding after sinus floor elevation using the transcrestal technique: a case report
Jensen, Simon Storgard / Eriksen, Jacob / Schiodt, Morten