European Journal of Oral Implantology



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Issue 2/2012     2. Aug. 2012
2. Aug. 2012
Pages: 103 - 190

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Page 111-121, PubMed:22866288
Immediate versus early loading of 6.5 mm-long flapless-placed single implants: a 4-year after loading report of a split-mouth randomised controlled trial
Cannizzaro, Gioacchino / Felice, Pietro / Leone, Michele / Ferri, Vittorio / Viola, Paolo / Esposito, Marco
Page 123-136, PubMed:22866289
Comparison of variable-thread tapered implant designs to a standard tapered implant design after immediate loading. A 3-year multicentre randomised controlled trial
Arnhart, Christoph / Kielbassa, Andrej M. / Martinez-de Fuentes, Rafael / Goldstein, Moshe / Jackowski, Jochen / Lorenzoni, Martin / Maiorana, Carlo / Mericske-Stern, Regina / Pozzi, Alessandro / Rompen, Eric / Sanz, Mariano / Strub, Jörg R.
Page 165-173, PubMed:22866292
Efficacy of quick-release lornoxicam versus placebo for acute pain management after dental implant surgery: a randomised placebo-controlled triple-blind trial
Bölükbasi, Nilüfer / Ersanli, Selim /Basegmez, Cansu / Özdemir, Tayfun / Özyalcin, Süleyman
Page 175-190, PubMed:22866293
Brain plasticity and cortical correlates of osseoperception revealed by punctate mechanical stimulation of osseointegrated oral implants during fMRI
Habre-Hallage, Pascale / Dricot, Laurence / Jacobs, Reinhilde / van Steenberghe, Daniel / Reychler, Hervé / Grandin, Cecile B.